Artis Genealogy

This is my paternal line.  As I began my search for my ancestry, I thought the Artis name was so unique that it would be easy to research.  I could not have been more wrong.  This line has been surprisingly difficult for me to follow.  As always, I am interested in hearing from anyone who is able to help me expand my knowledge about this family.  In particular I am interested in learning more about this distinct line of the Artis clan.  

Brown Report

The Brown family married into the Artis family and thus are included in this line.  As you can imagine, searching for a family named Brown has proven to be very difficult.  Despite that, because of an article in a Pike County newspaper, I was able to find some very interesting information about this family.


Descendants of Elias Brown


Generation No. 1

1. ELIAS2 BROWN was born in Maryland, and died 1827 in Jackson County, Ohio (Pigeon Roost). He married HONOR MUNDEL 1800 in Maryland, daughter of ROBERT MUNDEL and JUDY ?. She was born in Maryland, and died Abt. 1843 in Pickaway County, Ohio (Circleville).

Notes for ELIAS BROWN:

Elias reportedly (by Christopher Brown) left Maryland in 1813.


Reported by Christopher Brown to have been born "not far from Cumberland, Maryland".

Was freed at age 13 by James Dawson according to Christopher Brown.

See Life among the Lowly for story regarding her son Elias.

Children of ELIAS BROWN and HONOR MUNDEL are:

i. JAMES3 BROWN, b. 1801, Maryland.

Norfleet Report

The Norfleets connection includes the earliest ancestors that became the Artis line of my family.  I found much of the Norfleet information online and have included a hyperlink to the original researchers site.  


Descendants of Cordall Norfleet

Generation No. 1


1. CORDALL1 NORFLEET died 1788 in Southampton County, Virginia


2. i. AARON2 NORFLEET, b. Abt. 1756, Southampton County, Virginia; d. October 1831, Southampton County, Virginia.


Generation No. 2


2. AARON2 NORFLEET (CORDALL1) was born Abt. 1756 in Southampton County, Virginia, and died October 1831 in Southampton County, Virginia. He married MARIAN ARTIS March 1808 in Southampton County, Virginia. She was born in Southampton County, Virginia.


From the web site of Phil Norfleet (

Cordall Norfleet (d. 1788) of Southampton County, Virginia may have sired a child (Aaron Norfleet) by a slave woman, in about the year 1756. On 28 May 1798, Aaron was freed by Cordall's legitimate male heir, John Norfleet.

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