You might have noticed that I selected a design featuring the Great Serengeti.   This might seem an odd choice given that the title of this site is based on an old Native American proverb.  I do believe that we are known by the tracks we leave.  Some of our tracks seem to have direction and purpose.  Others give evidence to having simply wandered through portions of our lives.  I suspect that the tracks left by me will include more of the latter than the former.  This graphic symbolizes for me the landscape that will show those tracks.  By creating this site, I hope to chart my own explorations and I invite you to explore along with me. 

Included on this site will be things that have great meaning to me and things that only held temporary interest.  There will likely be things of humor, things of sadness and things that simply make you go hmmmm.

I can't say how often this site will be updated.  I, like most of you, have a busy job and a full life and cannot devote my every waking moment to this site.  I do hope to post to it often and over time plan to expand what is found here.